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Sunday, October 27th, 2013
1:05 pm - concert recalls (inprogress)
garbage the vic/riv?,

11/25/1998? Garbage - The Riviera
02/26/2000? Blue Meanies, Apocalypse Hoboken, Bitchy?, Gaza Strippers?, Hot Stove Jimmy?, Tossers, Arrivals?, The Strike?, Allister?, Oblivion?, Muchacha?, Mary Tyler Morphine?, The Bomb? - The Metro
07/27/2000 Einsturzende Neubauten - the metro
04/24/2001 Frank Black, House of Large Sizes? - The Metro
11/16/2001 VNV Nation, Icon of Coil, Stromkern - The Vic
04/21/2002 VNV Nation, Haujobb, Assemblage 23 - Park West
05/14/2002 Apoptygma Berzerk, Beborn Beton (World In Harmony Tour)- The Metro
6/28/2002-6/30/2002 Synthpop Goes The World, Ane One, Assemblage 23, Beborn Beton, Cleen/Cleaner/Clear Vision, Cosmicity, Covenant, Die Roboter, Icon of Coil, Melotron, Mesh, New Clear Sky, Psyche, Red Flag, Spoons, T.O.Y - Palais Royale, Toronto
10/08/2002 Seabound, Stromkern - The Metro
10/30/2002 Rasputina, Evil Beaver, Lennon? - The Metro
11/12/2002 Haujobb, Hocico - The Metro
11/05/2003 Razed in Black, Glis, Ayria - Abbey Pub.
03/28/2004 Wolfsheim, Hungry Lucy - The Metro
04/25/2004 Monstrum Sepsis, Iszoloscope - Smart Bar (old?basement?)
04/09/2005 Sister Machine Gun, Amish Rake Fight, Christ Analogue?, Manufactura? - Club Anything, Milwaukee
08/13/2006 Gary Numan - Shank Hall, Milwaukee
10/04/2006 Covenant, Rotersand, Imperative Reaction - The Metro
08/27/2010 Iszoloscope, Ivardensphere, Ad.ver.sary, Candle Nine - Underground Lounge
10/26/2010 Gary Numan, Recoil, Architect - The Metro
04/02/2011 Iris, De/vision, Mesh, I:Scintilla? - The Abbey Pub.
05/25/2011 Front Line Assembly w. Dismantled, Cyanotic?, DJ Acucrack? - The Abbey Pub.

09/07/2011 Android Lust w. Mend Roughhausen?, Polyfuse? - The Abbey Pub.
09/23/2011 They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton - The Vic
03/29/2012 Faderhead w. Caustic - Club Anything, Milwaukee

02/15/2013 Emilie Autumn - The Metro
04/01/2013 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds w/ Sharon Van Etten - Chicago Theater
04/05/2013 Bad Religion w/ Polar Bear Club, The Bronx - Congress Theater
08/09/2013 The Gothsicles, Cobalt Core - Medusa's (upstairs), Elgin
8/24/2013 Depeche Mode w/ Bat for Lashes - First Midwest Bank Amphitheater (tinley park)
9/25/2013 Velvet Acid Christ w/ Twilight Garden - Bottom Lounge (upstairs)

?= I don't remember this band, but the concert listing says they played.

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Monday, February 28th, 2011
8:14 pm - test sell
Ebay Auctions.
Goth & Cyberpunk. Club & Casual.

Lip Service, Artifice, Athena, Cyberdog, Kitchen Orange, Bebe, Macgirl, Blest.

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
12:47 pm - book reports 7/09/10--12/12/10
07/09/10 A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF A STAGGERING GENIUS *audio* -Dave Eggers- non-fiction. memoir. youth. The narrator of this audio book, Dion Graham, did an amazing performance. 22 year old Eggers' parents die and he becomes the guardian of his 8 year old little brother. It's a funny look at a gen-Xers 90's but it's also very moving and honest.

07/14/10 THE IMPERIAL CRUISE *audio* -James Bradley- non-fiction. history. pre-wwII. Theodore Roosevelt's imperial foreign relations in Asia. Roosevelt sends Taft to Japan to get the Japanese into wanting to become an imperial power, just like the US, and wink wink nod nod, gives them the go ahead to take over Korea. An eyeopening book, but then I went on to read Bradley's Flyboys and I thought that book better described how the US influenced Japan into becoming an expansionist power.

07/22/10 ASSASSINATION VACATION *audio* -Sarah Vowell- non-fiction. history. U.S. presidents. Vowell is obsessed with presidential trivia, especially the assassinated ones, and takes trips to historical markers and museums. It had a few funny anecdotes on the presidents but overall the information being given was not about people I'm all that interested in.

07/29/10 UNDER THE STREETS OF NICE *audio* -Ken Follett & Rene L. Maurice- non-fiction. bank robbery. France. In 1976 a group of men dug through the sewer system, into a bank vault, and stole a load of money.

08/02/10 REMARKABLE CREATURES *audio* -Tracey Chevalier- historical fiction. fossils. England. I loved this book because I learned about the working class 19th century woman, Mary Anning, and her discovery of some amazing marine fossils. Lots of 'you can't do that you're a woman, and that can't be the skeleton of an extinct animal because god wouldn't let one of his creatures become extinct, issues in this book. I believe her Ichthyosaurus is at the Chicago Field Museum.

08/05/10 MR. B GONE -Clive Barker- demons. fantasy. fiction. This is Mr. Barkers worst book. The main character is a demon that keeps on telling you to stop reading this book. It gets really annoying, but it's true. I should have stopped reading. I'm sorry, I love Clive, but this was terrible.

08/19/10 OUTLANDER *audio* -Dana Gabaldon- fiction. romance. time travel. Scotland. 1945 army nurse travels back in time to 1743 Scotland. So of course there is a love story with a highlander. I read this 'romance' novel because it is the first book in an acclaimed fantasy series. I don't know what all the hubbub was about, not very exciting and the characters not very interesting. If the love story was the draw, I've read better, unless it picks up in the other books in this series.

08/25/10 FOR THE WIN *audio* -Cory Doctorow- ya-fiction. MMORPGS. cheap foreign labor. This book was awesome! pretty dense for ya though. Online gold farmer unions get together with other cheap foreign labor groups to fight for human rights in the workplace. Not very realistic but still very creative and entertaining.

09/02/10 THE MAGICIANS *audio* -Lev Grossman- fantasy fiction. magic. boarding school. Coming of age story in a college for magicians. Beautiful literary prose. Highly Recommended.

09/03/10 THE SHORT LIFE OF BREE TANNER *audio* -Stephenie Meyer- ya fiction. vampires. A novella of a character from the Twilight series. I liked the character. I had to suspend my belief a little too much for this one. The vampire coven is kept in control because they are TOLD they will burn if they go into the light (they don't). Which means almost all the vampires are stupid. And things got extra stupid when it started to take the love story route.

09/13/10 THE LOTUS EATERS *audio* -Catherine Fisher- historical fiction. photojournalist. Vietnam. Woman photojournalist living in Vietnam during the war. The fall of Saigon parts were particularly interesting. I would rather this books' main character have been the journalist's assistant, a native of Vietnam, who fought on both sides.

09/16/10 INCARCERON *audio* -Catherine Fisher- ya science fiction. Teenagers attempting to escape from a living prison. It was ok. Not enough was explained. First in a series, so I think it was intentional, but not enough information for a solid story.

09/22/10 GOING POSTAL *audio* -Terry Pratchett- fantasy fiction. humor. discworld. Moist von Lipwig is tasked with resurrecting the post-office. Funny. I liked the golems.

09/27/10 DEXTER IS DELICIOUS *audio* -Jeff Lindsay- mystery. fiction. murder. sociopath. 5th Dexter book. Dexter and cannibals, a good match. My only complaint is that Dexter is getting those.. what do you call them again? oh yes.. Feelings... I want my sociopath back!

10/01/10 PORTOBELLO *audio* -Ruth Rendell- fiction. England. This doesn't seem to have a main plot.. features the people of Portobello road and their boring lives. But this was not a boring book. My first Rendell, I like her style. Read by Tim Curry.

10/07/10 MAKING MONEY *audio* -Terry Pratchett- fantasy fiction. humor. discworld. Mosist von Lipwig saved the post office now he has to save the royal mint. funny. But not as good as Going Postal.

10/12/10 THE CREATION OF EVE *audio* -Lynn Cullen* historical fiction. Renaissance painters. Renaissance painter Sofonisba Anguissola (student of Michelangelo) becomes a lady-in-waiting to the Queen of Spain. Gender and class issues. I enjoyed it for it's little slice of history.

10/15/10 THE PLEASURE OF MY COMPANY *audio* -Steve Martin- fiction. humor. Simple story of a severely OCD man and his interactions with the people in his neighborhood. This book would have worked if I found the main character charming. I did not. His lies to his therapist were funny though.

10/21/10 HAVE SPACESUIT WILL TRAVEL *audio* -Robert A. Heinlein- science fiction. Despite it's "golly gee wiz" 50's teenager protagonist, it is a fun story.

10/25/10 WATER FOR ELEPHANTS *audio* -Sara Gruen- fiction. circus. The circus during the great depression, horses, elephants and a love story. I really like the circus stuff and can recommend this book, but it does have a lot of things that happen that seem too convenient.

10/29/10 FLYBOYS *audio* -James Bradley- nonfiction. WWII. Gives the big picture of the history of the Pacific Theater and how Japan and the US came to be there. Highly recommended.

11/08/10 PACKING FOR MARS *audio* -Mary Roach- nonfiction. space travel. The dirty details of space travel, hygiene and fluids.

11/15/10 APE HOUSE *audio* -Sara Gruen- fiction. zoologists. bonobos. The parts about ape behavior were really good. That the scientific study apes get stolen for the entertainment industry is ludicrous.

11/23/10 CHANGES *audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. wizards. Dresden Files book 12. Intense, the darkest installment yet. And major changes do happen. Can't wait until book 13 to find out how it gets dealt with.

11/23/10 SIDE JOBS *audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. wizards. Dresden Files short stories collection.

11/30/10 HULL ZERO THREE *audio -Greg Bear- science fiction. The main character woke up on a strange ship and couldn't remember who he was. And I can't remember anything else about this book.

12/16/10 MOCKING JAY *audio* -Suzanne Collins- ya dystopian fic. Hunger Games bk. 3. A satisfying end to the trilogy. It changed tone but at least it wasn't just the same formula as the first two.

12/12/10 DEAD BEAT *audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. wizards. Dresden Files book 7. This was one of the more fun Dresden installments. Especially when his visits the Field Museum.

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Sunday, November 21st, 2010
2:38 pm - book reports 4/5/09--07/06/09
04/05/10 THE LIGHT OF BURNING SHADOW *audio* -Chris Evans- fantasy. elves. Book two of the Iron Elves. Better than book one but didn't do very much for me.

04/09/10 THE MAN WHO LOVED BOOKS TO MUCH *audio* -Allison Hoover Bartlett- non-fiction. rare books. theft. This is the book that really got me interested in wanting to become a professional rare book dealer. The rare book world is what gave this book it's substance. I wasn't drawn to the book's subject, the thief who steals because he sees old books as status symbols and lacks an understanding of ownership.

04/15/10 THE DREAM OF PERPETUAL MOTION *audio* -Dexter Palmer- sci-fic. steam punk. zeppelins. There were some interesting technologies in this book but the overall story was dry and emotionless.

04/23/10 ANGELOLOGY *audio -Danielle Trussoni- fiction. A conspiracy with the church, angels, the Rockefellers, NY high society. Heavy publicity and marketing on this one to be the next Da Vinci Code... Hello plot holes. This book is silly and stupid. If you are a secret angel society, why have a vanity plate on your car that says ANGEL! Avoid.

04/27/10 HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON *audio* -Cressida Cowel- children's fantasy. vikings. dragons. I ordered this book because I thought I was getting the one read by David Tennant. I did not. This story is much different from the movie version. I thought the movie had multi-dimensional characters (including the dragon)with heart. This story is a flat loser vs. bully story. The dragon lacks any endearing qualities, you have to bribe him to behave.

05/03/10 SUMMER KNIGHT *Audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. wizards. fae. Dresden Files book 4. Dangerous fairy politics. I prefer later volumes in this entertaining series.

05/04/10 CROOKED LITTLE VEIN *audio* -Warren Ellis- noir. mystery fiction. Vanilla private detective traverses the sexually deviant underground looking for the "real US constitution". This book is hilarious. Recommended for those not easily offended.

05/07/10 STAR DANCE *audio* -Jeanne & Spider Robinson- science fiction. space. dance. Dancer and choreographer work together making zero gravity epic dances. I did not like the language of this book, it sounded very dated (it is from the 1970s) and I didn't like the audio book reading by Spider. BUT the dance scenes were extremely beautiful.

05/18/10 FURIES OF CALDERON *audio* -Jim Butcher- fantasy. Codex Alera 1. A feudal high fantasy world of lords, ladies, knights and magic. Almost every person in this world has control of at least one elemental Fury, which they can use in their daily life.. everything from farming to being an agent of the crown. Except of course the main character Tavi, he has no Furies, awww but he's smart... Many likable characters and interesting races and creatures. A highly recommended series for fans of this genre.

05/26/10 ACADEM'S FURY *audio* -Jim Butcher- fantasy. Codex Alera 2.

06/04/10 CURSOR'S FURY *audio* -Jim Butcher- fantasy. Codex Alera 3.

06/08/10 DEAD IN THE FAMILY -Charlaine Harris- fantasy. vampires. Sookie Stackhouse book 10. Gives some background information on some of the characters. Too short and not a strong enough outing to be a good stand alone story, but I love visiting this world.

06/11/10 CAPTAIN'S FURY *audio* -Jim Butcher- fantasy. Codex Alera 4.

06/21/10 SILVER BORNE -Patricia Briggs- urban fantsy. walker. werewolves. vampires. Fifth in the Mercy Thompson coyote shifter series. Many dark fantasy series are just entertaining fluff. Brigg's series has thought, emotion and complex situations. A heavy conflict in this book is that one of Mercy's werewolf friends is tired of his long existence and attempts suicide, his wolf self is desperate to live and must take over the waking thoughts in both in wolf and human forms.

06/22/10 PRINCEP'S FURY *audio* -Jim Butcher- fantasy. Codex Alera 5.

07/01/10 FIRST LORD'S FURY *audio* -Jim Butcher- fantasy. Codex Alera 6. A fulfilling conclusion to the series.

07/06/10 GRAVE PERIL *audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. wizards. Dresden Files book 3.

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
7:08 pm - lippy sizing grief
Today I got a whole bunch of lippy closeouts stuff, overall happy but...

Biggest complaint. Both items size large in gunmetal pvc

TOTALLY FETTERED HIGH NECK TOP measured flat across waist 15 1/2 inches
BUCKLED CINCHER measured flat across waist 13 1/2 inches.



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Saturday, July 24th, 2010
2:38 pm - book reports 01/18/10 - 03/29/10
01/08/10 LITTLE BROTHER *audio* -Cory Doctorow- ya. Near future, young hackers versus Homeland Security. Timely parallels to post 9/11, patriot act, privacy & rights restrictions. Despite being young adult recommend for all technology fiction fans.

01/14/10 UNTAMED *audio* -P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast- ya fantasy. vampires. House Of Night book 4. Bad! Please make it stop, why am I doing this to myself, I just want to find out what happens. Avoid.

01/18/10 HUNTED *audio* -P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast- ya fantasy. vampires. House of Night book 5. Ok. That's it. I'm quitting you. I don't know when you are going to wrap up the story arc, and I don't care. Avoid.

01/20/10 DEATH MASKS *audio -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. wizards. Dresden Files book 5. Pretty good installment in the series, it's got the shroud of Turin, some mafia guys and the Knights of the Cross are always fun.

01/28/10 GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH *audio* -Richard Dawkins- biology. non-fiction. Evidence and explanation for evolution. I preferred his God Delusion and Selfish Gene, but I enjoyed the examples he gives in nature. Like the nerve that goes all the way down the giraffes neck only to go all the way back up to make what should have been a very short route if it was intelligently planned.

02/02/10 SATURN'S CHILDREN -Charles Stross- science fiction. androids. space. I loved this funny sometimes erotic story of a sexbot trying to avoid being enslaved. Also emotionally moved by the robots will to survive, freewill & philosophy.

02/03/10 ALTERED CARBON *audio* -Richard K. Morgan- science fiction. Murder mystery in a future world where the consciousness and be put into any body. Basically living forever if you have the money for it, the poor can have their bodies stolen and their minds put in holding. I loved this world and concepts in it but I didn't fall for the main character doing the investigating, Takeshi Kovacs. This is the first in his series, so maybe I'll warm up to him on his next adventure. Recommended for fans of sci-fi/fantasy noir and cyberpunk.

02/10/10 GRAVE SECRET *audio* -Charlaine Harris- mystery fiction. Harper can tell the the cause of death by being in close proximity to the body. Her and her stepbrother/lover's 4th book. The story was wrapped up quite well in that this could be the end of the series or there could be more.

02/19/10 YOU ARE NOT A GADGET -Jaron Lanier- non fiction. Virtual reality pioneer, Lanier's critique of the internet, it's mob mentality, hive mind, and how the individual is lost in it. He also gives advice on how we can change for the better. I do not agree with all of his opinions but he still gives you a lot to think about. I'd like to read it again. Recommended for all users of social media. That means you.

03/02/10 THE MAKERS *audio* -Cory Doctorow- fiction. invention. plastics. Near future. Two brilliant inventors get funding, their ideas take off for good and bad. Strong characters, cleaver ideas on shared technology, and a realistic look at the business of. Great.

03/02/10 A TOUCH OF DEAD *audio* -Charlaine Harris- fantasy. vampires. The collected short stories featuring mind reader Sookie Stackhouse. Some were entertaining, but overall this collection is way to short for the hardcover price.

03/04/10 WAR DANCES *audio* -Sherman Alexie- antidotes. short fiction. poetry. native American. Very good.

03/05/10 NATION *audio* -Terry Pratchet- ya. fiction. civilization. This book should have taken the awards, not Gaiman's Graveyard Book. An island civilization is destroyed after a tsunami, leaving one boy alive. Then a white girl is shipwrecked on the island. Culture conflict ensues. Highly recommended!

03/17/10 THE STRAIN *audio* -Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan- horror. vampire virus thriller. First in a trilogy. These are not humane vampires. These monsters have unhinging mandibles and not much self control. It felt a little slow, especially since it's only 1/3rd of the tale and this was mostly the investigation of the virus. It would make a very good filmed miniseries so far. I'd like to find out what happens so I'll probably read on. Audio read by "hellboy" Ron Perlman.

03/19/10 MONSTRUMOLOGIST *audio* -Rick Yancy- ya. horror fiction. 12 yr old apprentice of a monstrumologist in late-1800s New England studying Anthropophagi, Headless beasts with mouths in their torsos. (I think Marco Polo claimed to have seen them) You get the old timey sad orphan story, graphic violence, and cool monsters. Recommended.

03/24/10 COSMOPOLIS *audio* -Don Delillo- fiction. Capitalism. Billionaire rides around the city in a limo conducting his business and being stalked. literary. I'd like to read Delillo's other works.

03/29/10 THEFT *audio* -Peter Carey- fiction. art. brothers. Australia. New York. Painting and fraud.

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Saturday, April 10th, 2010
1:58 pm - ebay auctions ending Sunday.
Lip Service, Plastik Wrap, Heavy Red, Cyberdog, Artifice and more.

Don't forget to bid! If you have any questions please ask today as I may not get to them before the auctions end on Sunday.


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Thursday, April 8th, 2010
2:38 pm - book reports 6/10/09-12/23/09
06/10/09 DUNE *audio* -Frank Herbert- science fiction. dust worms.

06/17/09 SMALL FAVOR *audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. Chicago. Wizard. Dresden Files bk. 10.

06/18/09 IN DEFENSE OF FOOD *audio* -Michael Pollan- non-fiction. Eye opening descriptions of what we eat, food like substances, and why we should be eating real food.

06/22/09 WOMEN OF THE PLEASURE QUARTERS -Lesley Downer- history. Japan. geisha. prostitution. A wonderful history of the "entertaining women" of Japan. From prostitutes to high class Geisha. Recommended.

06/25/09 TURN COAT *audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. Chicago wizard. Dresden Files bk. 11.

06/26/09 WISHFUL DRINKING *audio* -Carrie Fisher- autobiography. Carrie Fisher's antidotes on star wars her many marriages and alcoholism.

07/02/09 THE BELL JAR *audio* -Sylvia Plath- autobiographical fiction. I picked this up because of it's well know classic status and was a bit underwhelmed. It did make me more interested in reading Plath's poetry. Maggie Gyllenhaal gives a great reading to the audio.

07/14/09 SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD *audio* -Orson Scott Card- science fiction. Ender bk 2. I liked this one even more than Ender's Game. colonists, ethnologists, biologists, clergy, politicians, a computer artificial intelligence. Highly recommended!

07/17/09 THE ASTONISHING LIFE OF OCTAVIAN NOTHING TRAITOR TO THE POX PARTY VOL. 1 *audio* -M.T. Anderson- ya historical fiction. Disturbing concept. A young black boy is kept and educated by philosophers as an experiment in African intelligence in Pre-Revolutionary America.

07/21/09 CITY OF ASHES *audio* -Cassandra Clare- Mortal Instruments bk. 2 ya fantasy.

07/24/09 CITY OF GLASS *audio* -Cassandra Clare- Mortal Instruments bk. 3 ya fantasy. Disappointing ending to an entertaining series.

08/04/09 GRAVEYARD BOOK -Neil Gaiman- children's fantasy.

08/08/09 XENOCIDE *audio* -Orson Scott Card- science fiction. Ender bk. 3. My least favorite of the Ender books so far. The threads/pacing of the story lines are poorly woven hurting the flow of the book.

08/12/09 SANDMAN SLIM *audio* -Richard Kadrey- hell noir. Dark humor.

08/13/09 ETERNAL *audio* -Cynthia Leitich Smith- ya fantasy. vampires angels. Awful!

08/25/09 BLUE BLOODS *audio* -Melissa De la Cruz- ya fantasy. vampires. high end society. private schools. Blue Bloods bk. 1. Surprisingly entertaining start to a teen series.

08/28/09 FREAKS, ALIVE ON THE INSIDE *audio* -Annette Curtis Klause- ya fiction. I had high hopes for this book of young circus oddities but it fell far short from expectations.

09/01/09 GIFTS *audio* -Ursula K. LeGuin- ya fantasy. A wonderful work is created with clans of people having different powers but unfortunately I had little interest in the main character.

09/04/09 THE DECLARATION *audio* -Gemma Malley_ ya dystopian fantasy. A future where humans live forever as long as they do not have children. The main character is a "Surplus" her parents broke the rules. Interested in reading the sequel. Similar to Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go.

09/10/09 SHANGHAI GIRLS *audio* -Lisa See- historical fiction. 1930's China. My least favorite from the wonderful author Lisa See. I'm still glad I read it and experienced this slice of history.

09/18/09 MASQUERADE *audio* -Melissa De la Cruz- ya fantasy. vampires. Blue Bloods bk. 2

09/20/09 THE CITY & THE CITY -China Mieville- It feels like a hard boiled detective story but the location sets it apart. Two southern European cities coexist in the same physical geography, separated by their citizens' determination, and government demand to see only one city at a time. This could have been messy, but Mieville is a master storyteller. Highly recommended.

09/24/09 THE GARGOYLE *audio* -Andrew Davidson- Crosses the modern storyline of two people, a sever burn victim and a gargoyle sculptor with historical stories of an English book making monestary, ancient Japan and Iceland. This is one of my favorite books of all time! READ IT!

09/27/09 REVELATIONS -Melissa De la Cruz- ya fantasy. vampires. Blue Boods bk. 3

09/29/09 LOVELY BONES *audio* -Alice Sebold- fiction. I had a few problems with the storyline toward the end, but overall a wonderful book.

10/02/09 CATCHING FIRE *audio* -Suzanne Collins- ya dystopian fic. Hunger Games bk. 2. So close in storyline to book two that it was a little stale. Would have liked them to have just finished the storyline in two books, but publishers love trilogies! Have to wait for the next installment to see how it ends.

10/13/09 PROVEN GUILTY *audio* -Jim Butcher- urban fantasy. Chicago. Wizard. Dresden Files bk. 8. Yes I am listening to them out of order. But this series is still so good!

10/15/09 MARKED *audio* -P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast- ya fantasy. vampires. House of Night bk. 1. Started entertaining despite annoying main character. why oh why did I waste my time on this dumb series! oh yeah, I was a captive audience.

10/15/09 THE BLACK JEWELS TRILOGY -Anne Bishop- fantasy (Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, Queen of shadows. A wonderful world and story. Looking forward to reading more in this world. That almost every character is so perfect (marysue), is it's main downside, a common fantasy genre flaw in my opinion. Despite that I recommend this to all lovers of fantasy.

10/21//09 HUNTING GROUNDS -Patricia Briggs- fantasy. werewolves. Alpha Omega bk 2. Since the formula of paranormal female lead action with a bit (or alot) of romance urban fantasy is so common now it must be noted, Briggs does it best! Her heroines and emotional relationships are wonderfully well written and realistic.

10/23/09 HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY *audio* -Audrey Niffeneger- fiction. Niffeneger's follow up to Time Traveler's Wife has unlikeable main characters and silly plot twists. There are some good points and scenes but the stupidity of the main charters make this book fail.

10/27/09 HAT FULL OF SKY *audio* -Terry Pratchet- ya fantasy. humor. Tiffany Aching adventure with Wee Free Men!

10/30/09 SOULESS -Gail Carriger- steampunk fantasy. England. werewolves. vampires. Parasol protectorate bk 1. A delightful adventure. What is especially nice is that this book doesn't succumb to what many "historical" books do. Usually writers make their lead heroines pretty much a modern woman and then just stick them in olden days. This female lead is strong and doesn't fit into 18th century social society but she still behaves as she is from that time in her mannerisms. Looking forward to picking up book two this month.

10/30/09 WALKING DEAD *audio* -Greg Rucka- adventure fic. bodyguards. human traffiking. Atticus Kodiak novel. Rucka's lead is likable but also not physically invincible. Which help make this a wonderful thriller.

11/06/09 THE LAST KINGDOM *audio* -Bernard Cornwell- historical fiction. England. vikings. Saxon Chronicles 1. Recommended to historical fiction fans.

11/12/09 THE PALE HORSEMAN *audio* -Bernard Cornwell- historical fiction. England. vikings. Saxon Chronicles 2.

11/25/09 BETRAYED *audio* -P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast- ya fantasy. vampires. House Of Night bk 2.

12/18/09 THE HISTORIAN *audio* -Elizabeth Kostova- historical fiction. Dracula. Many loved this book. I hated it.

12/22/09 CHOSEN *audio* -P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast- ya fantasy. vampires. House of Night bk 3. stupid.

12/23/09 WHERE'S MY JETPACK? *audio* -Daniel H. Wilson- non-ficton. A funny look at retro future. Things we were promised that never showed up. Learning about the space elevator was my favorite part.

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Saturday, February 27th, 2010
9:42 pm - selling some of my cyber goth collection spaning over a decade
Lip Service, Plastik Wrap, S.D.L., Futurstate, Xenoware, Artifice and more.


I usually never let anything go, so maybe you'll see something you haven't in a while.
I'll be updating more all week. Please check back!

I've never sold internationally before. Can anyone give me links to easy international shipping price information?

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Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
10:19 am - seeks chicago suburbs employment networking
I know many of us are looking to change careers. This is a networking site so here I go with mine.
I have 10 years of experience in book related positions; library, book store, para-cataloger for wholesale library book distributor.
Looking at online job postings in the library field are bleak. Part time, low pay, and or require MLS degree. I currently make 14 something. So also finding something at least or greater than that is difficult.
I also have a deadline. By the end of May I need to be living elsewhere. Ideally closer to Chicago with new roommates (none confirmed at this time). So I need to be securely in place in a new employment before then.
I am not limiting myself to only searching the library field but I do want to use my experience to get a position that not all entry level seekers can do. I have organizational and detail oriented skills. I can multitask and work with deadlines. I can use multiple databases to find what is needed and follow up to vendors and customers. I can edit records in MARC and use a variety of other computer programs. I am independently motivated and can operate with little or no supervision.

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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
8:10 pm - hi.
Do you remember me?

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Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
5:18 pm - book reports 1/6/09--05/28/09
01/06/09 THE ROAD *audio* -Cormac McCarthy- fiction. post apocalyptic. father & son. Recommended.

01/09/09 PILLARS OF THE EARTH *audio* -Ken Follett- historical fiction. England. Cathedral building in the 12th century. Recommended.

01/15/09 WHITEOUT *audio* -Ken Follett- fiction. thriller. virus theft.

01/20/09 EVERYMAN *audio* -Philip Roth- fiction. mortality. aging.

01/22/09 LONDON CALLING *audio* -Edward Bloor- ya. fiction. World War II time travel.

01/29/09 BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN *audio* -Charles Bock- fiction.

02/04/09 DEARLY DEVOTED DEXTER *audio* -Jeff Lindsay- mystery. fiction. murder. sociopath. Second book in the Dexter series.

02/13/09 BONE CROSSED -Patricia Briggs- fiction. fantasy. walker. werewolves. vampires. Forth in the Mercy Thompson coyote shifter series.

02/16/09 ANATHEM *audio* -Neal Stephenson- science fiction. I wanted to like this giant story more. I love Stephenson, but there was too much philosophical rambling. Really cool science, math, space ideas, just wish it was more concise.

02/20/09 SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE *audio* -Austin Grossmen- fiction. superheroes & villains. Quite entertaining.

03/04/09 DR. BLOODMONEY *audio* -Philip K. Dick- science fiction. post apocalyptic.

03/17/09 MONSTERS OF TEMPLETON *audio* -Lauren Groff- fiction. family. lake monsters.

03/23/09 ENDER'S GAME *audio* -Orson Scott Card- science fiction. Highly recommended.

03/26/09 SELECTIONS FROM DREAMSONGS VOL. II *audio* -George R.R. Martin- short stories. fantasy. science fiction.

03/29/09 PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY -Amelia Atwater-Rhodes- fiction. ya. vampires. I like this author, but this book was terrible!

04/01/09 ENDER'S SHADOW *audio* -Orson Scott Card- science fiction. The story of Ender's Game with a new perspective.

04/14/09 VOLUNTARY MADNESS *audio* -Norah Vincent- non-fiction. Norah checks herself into various mental institutions and compares their treatments.

04/21/09 A DARKNESS FORGED IN FIRE *audio* -Chris Evans- fantasy. elves. Book one of the Iron Elves. It was ok.

04/24/09 THE CANON : A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science *audio* -Natalie Angier- non-fiction. science. Each chapter goes in depth of a different science topic or subject.

04/29/09 THE HUNGER GAMES *audio* -Suzanne Collins- ya. science fiction. In a dystopian future kids fight each other for the entertainment of the higher casts. Very good.

05/07/09 DEAD AND GONE -Charline Harris- fiction. vampires. Sookie Stackhouse book 9.

05/17/09 HOOD *audio* -Stephen Lawhead- fiction. A disappointing retelling of Robin Hood.

05/19/09 SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN *audio* -Lisa See- historical fiction. 19th-century China. Women friendships. foot binding. Highly recommended.

05/20/09 PEONY IN LOVE *audio* -Lisa See- historical fiction. 17th-century China. Arranged marriage and Chinese supernatural beliefs of the time. This is one of my current favorite books. Highly recommended.

05/26/09 THE STARS, LIKE DUST *audio* -Isaac Asimov- science fiction. space mystery.

05/28/09 MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN *audio* -Jonathan Lethem- fiction. organized crime. This audio book reading of a character with Tourette's syndrome is amazing. Low on the crime food chain, Lionel Essrog, looks to find who killed his crime boss. Highly recommended.

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Sunday, July 5th, 2009
3:49 pm - book reports 08/05/08--12/2008
08/05/08 BLIND WILLOW, SLEEPING WOMAN *audio* -Haruki Murakami- fiction. short stories. Japan.

08/06/08 BREAKING DAWN -Stephenie Meyer- ya fic. vampires. Last book in Twilight series. When to subjects I don't generally like reading about but overall had a fulfilling conclusion to the series.

08/11/08 LIFE OF PI *audio* -Yann Martel- fiction. tigers. memory. Indian boys shares a liferaft with a tiger. Excellent.

08/14/08 MICAH *audio* -Laurell K. Hamilton- fiction. vampires. sex. One of those silly Anita Blake porno vampire hunter books.

08/19/08 ORYX AND CRAKE *audio* -Margaret Atwood- science fiction. post-bioapocalyptic. mutation. Interesting but was not a smooth audio read while multitasking.

08/21/08 THE SOCIETY OF S *audio* -Susan Hubbard- fiction. vampires? Forgettable.

08/26/08 GHOSTWALKER -Erik Scott DeBie- fantasy. forgotten realms.

08/28/08 CITY OF BONES *audio* -Cassandra Clare- ya fantasy. Teen demon and monster hunters. Book one in Mortal Instruments.

08/29/08 SPECIALS *audio* -Scott Westerfeld- ya. science fiction. dystopia. Book three.

09/04/08 IRON KISSED -Patricia Briggs- fiction. fantasy. walker. werewolves. fae. Third in the Mercy Thompson coyote shifter series.

09/04/08 STRANGE CANDY *audio* -Laurell K. Hamilton- fantasy. supernatural. short stories.

09/09/08 TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE *audio* -Audry Niefenegger- science fiction. family. Involuntary time travel. Highly recommended.

09/17/08 SABRIEL *audio* -Garth Nix- ya. fantasy. magic. necromancy. Abhorsen book 1. Highly recommended series. Audio read by Tim Curry.

09/25/08 LIRAEL *audio* -Garth Nix- ya. fantasy. magic. necromancy. Abhorsen book 2. Highly recommended series. Audio read by Tim Curry.

10/01/08 ABHORSEN *audio* -Garth Nix- ya. fantasy. magic. necromancy. Abhorsen book 3. Highly recommended series. Audio read by Tim Curry.

10/02/08 ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY *audio* -David Sedaris- memoir.

10/04/08 VICTORY OF EAGLES -Naomi Novik- fantasy. dragons. Napoleonic wars. Temerairebook 5.

10/06/08 THE HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY *audio*reread* -Douglas Adams- science fiction. humor.

10/10/08 CRY WOLF -Patricia Briggs- fiction. fantasy. werewolves. Alpha and Omega book 1.

10/13/08 JANE BOLEYN: THE TRUE STORY OF THE INFAMOUS LADY ROCHFORD *audio* -Julia Fox- British history. royalty. Henry VIII.

10/15/08 BLUE LATITUDES: BOLDLY GOING WHERE CAPTIAN COOK HAS GONE BEFORE *audio* -Tony Horwitz- history. travel. humor.

10/16/08 AC/DC: THE SAVAGE TALE OF THE FIRST STANDARDS WAR. *audio* -Tom McNichol- history. electricity. Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla.

10/24/08 POISON *audio* -Chris Wooding- ya. fantasy. fae. Stolen little sisters.

10/29/08 THE THIRD ANGEL *audio* -Alice Hoffman- fiction.

11/04/08 THE MAN WHO LOVED CHINA: The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdo *audio* -Simon Winchester- history. China.

11/20/08 THE WOMAN WHO CAN'T FORGET: The Extraordinary Story of Living with the Most Remarkable Memory *audio* -Jill Price- non-fiction. memory.

11/24/08 DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER *audio* -Jeffry Lindsay- mystery. fiction. murder. sociopath.

12/xx/08 THE DRUNKARD'S WALK: How Randomness Rules Our Lives *audio* -Leonard Mlodinow- non-fiction. mathematics. statistical distribution.

12/xx/08 HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE *audio* -Diana Wynne Jones- ya. fantasy.

12/xx/08 I AM AMERICA AND SO CAN YOU *audio* -Stephen Colbert- current events. politics. humor. Read by Colbert.

12/xx/08 THE WAR: An Intimate History, 1941-1945 *audio* -Geoffrey Ward & Ken Burns- history. America in World War 2.

2009 coming soon...

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Saturday, July 26th, 2008
1:28 pm - book reports 10/03/07-07/25/08
10/03/07 SPOOK COUNTRY -William Gibson- fiction. spying. new tech art.

11/08/07 UN LUN DUN -China Mieville- ya fiction. fantasy. london. umbrella. smog. London girl is the prophesied savior of alternate London.

11/13/07 WYVERNHAIL -Amelia Atwater-Rhodes- ya fantasy. shape changers. Cobra Falcon hybrid shape changer tries to reconcile her duality. Kiesha'ra series volume five.

01/09/08 END OF THE WORLD BLUES -Jon Courtenay Grimwood- sci-fi. cyberpunk. tokyo. gothic lolita. yakuza. alternate dimensions.

02/11/08 EMPIRE OF IVORY -Naomi Novik- fantasy. dragons. napoleonic wars. Temeraire, Book 4. The crew look to Africa to find a cure for the sickness that is afflicting almost all dragons.

03/31/08 RUNNING WITH SCISSORS -Augusten Burroughs- *audio* memoir. family. Burroughs funny and horrific childhood.

03/22/08 THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH : ALAN TURING AND THE INVENTION OF THE COMPUTER -David Leavitt- biography. cryptography. computer history. mathematics. Although Turning had an interesting life. His code breaking lead to the key the German's Enigma machine. The country he saves eventually destroys him for being a homosexual. This book was too dry for me. The mathematical details that go into the making of his computers and codes were way over my head, and I wanted more of his personal life.

03/24/08 TIPPING POINT -Malcolm Gladwell- sociology. business. How small actions make big changes in society. Interesting and informative, but I prefer his second book BLINK.

04/02/08 HOMELAND -R.A. Salvatore- fantasy. elves. Book one of the Dark Elf trilogy. The way the action is written in this is beautiful. This is the beginnings of the popular Forgotten Realms character Drizzt Do-Urden. I'm interested in seeing where he goes next.

04/09/08 THE RELUCTANT MR. DARWIN *audio* -David Quammen- biography. evolution. Biography of Darwin starting after his Beagle voyage.

04/14/08 GILGAMESH *audio* -Steven Michell- epic poetry. early writings. 4000-year-old poem of Gilgamesh and Enkidu pissing of the gods.

04/28/08 DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? *audio*reread* -Philip K. Dick- sci fic. androids. bounty hunters. memory.

05/04/08 THE BOOK OF THE FIVE RINGS -Miyamoto Musashi translated by Thomas Cleary- non-fiction. samurai. sword fighting. 1643 Japanese writings on fighting strategy. Includes The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War by Yagyu Munenori which contrast Musashi's style.

05/05/08 ODD THOMAS *audio* -Dean Koontz- supernatural fiction. First book in the Odd Thomas series. Odd, a realistic figure, not a superhero, sees dead people and fights evil in a small town.

05/07/08 TANTALIZE *audio* -Cynthia Leitich Smith- ya fantasy fiction. vampires. Vampire themed restaurant in Texas. Some YA books are too stupid for adults to enjoy. Here is one of them. The reader in this audio also reads male voices horribly.

05/09/08 FROM DEAD TO WORSE -Charline Harris- fiction. vampires. weres. fae. Book eight in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series. I preferred this one to the last two, because the writer is finishing or adding to storylines that went unattended. Not a very complete stand alone novel but a great dive in to Sookie's world. Read the first novel DEAD UNTIL DARK before the True Blood series starts on HBO.

05/15/08 Seeing Redd *audio -Frank Beddor- ya fantasy. Book two in the Looking Glass Wars. An alternate Alice in Wonderland series. I preferred the previous book in the series.

05/20/08 THE ASTONISHING ADVENTURES OF FANBOY AND GOTHGIRL *audio* -Barry Lyga- ya fic. comic books. outcasts.

05/22/08 LOOKING FOR ALASKA *audio* -John Green- ya fiction. teens. private school. I didn't care for this critically acclaimed teen novel. Stupid kids doing stupid things tries my patience.

05/29/08 WINTER SMITH *audio* -Terry Pratchett- ya fantasy. witches. magic. snow. This is the first solo Pratchett I've read, and it was hilarious. Pratchett's voice actor is also perfect. Great accents.

06/00/08 TWILIGHT *audio*reread* -Stephenie Meyer- ya fic. vampires.

06/01/08 NEW MOON *audio*reread* -Stephenie Meyer- ya fic. vampires. werewolves.

06/08/08 ECLIPSE *audio*reread* -Stephenie Meyer- ya fic. vampires. werewolves. In anticipation for the fourth book's release in August, I reread one of my favorite series.

06/13/08 A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT *audio* -Laura Whitcomb- ya fiction. ghosts. Body snatching teenage ghosts. Pretty good although I already can't remember how it ends.

07/10/08 THE HOST -Stephenie Meyer- science fiction. aliens. Meyer's first adult title. This was great! Love triangle with alien body snatchers.

07/11/08 BRAVE NEW WORLD *audio*reread* -Aldus Huxley- science fiction. dystopia.

07/17/08 UGLIES *audio* -Scott Westerfeld- ya. science fiction. dystopia. Book one in the series.

07/23/08 PRETTIES *audio* -Scott Westerfeld- ya. science fiction. dystopia. Book two. Great voice actor on the audio.

07/25/08 STEPPENWOLF *audio*reread* -Herman Hesse- fiction. despair. 1929 novel, the narrator attempts to reconcile his dual nature. Audio read by Peter Weller (robocop, naked lunch) is a perfect fit for this character.

-to be proofread and fleshed out later.

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Thursday, March 13th, 2008
7:10 pm - back
Hey it's been a while.

Did I miss anything in the last six months?

I've got a dev. art thing http://the2ndvariety.deviantart.com/

I have a new external hard drive that I love! got a Wii, looking for a condo (need to save more),

and I'm also in love with a boy. life's pretty good.

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Monday, October 8th, 2007
7:42 pm - mix cd, blue heptagon
Theme mix: happy songs.
I was going for bouncy. A lot of this is from my school days.

1 Legend of Zelda medley
2 Tarmvred - 6
3 Faderhead - mono man
4 Gusgus - ladyshave
5 Beborn Beton - ambush
6 Horrorpops - walk like a zombie
7 Danny Elfman - it only makes me laugh
8 Okino - cloud age symphony
9 Bitshifter - antenna
10 Pixies - wave of mutilation
11 MU330 - fat and married
12 Gackt - vanilla
13 the Misfits - the haunting
14 Wumpscut - all cried out
15 Dwarves - demonica
16 the Stereo - devotion
17 Apocalypse Hoboken - little fingers
18 Eclectics - siddhartha
19 Oingo Boingo - sweat
20 Bad Religion - sky scraper
21 Muse - feeling good


I'm on Deviant art now. New painting up, and a bunch of really old stuff.



Listen to the new Mind.in.a.box

current mood: restless

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Saturday, August 25th, 2007
4:22 pm - mix cd, silver square
Made a mix cd this week. Mostly movie scores. There was so much more I wanted to put on this. There may be a volume 2. Let me know if you want one. (no mailing)

Patrick Doyle - st. crispin's day/battle of agincort - Henry V
Mogwai - I know you are but what am I?
M. Nyman - the other side - Gattaca
M Nyman - the departure - Gattaca
Trevor Jones - you have the power - Dark City
Clint Mansell (mogwai&kronosquartet) - death is the road to awe - the Fountain
Patrick Doyle - kissing in the rain - Great Expectations
James Newton Howard - the great eatlon - Lady in the Water
M. Nyman - the heart asks for pleasure first - the Piano
Thomas Newman - the road to chicago - Road to Perdition
Trevor Jones - elk hunt - the last of the mohicans
Trevor Jones - the kiss - the last of the mohicans
James Horner - charging fort wagner - Glory
Shigeru Umebayashi - 2046 main theme - 2046
Bear McCreary - the shape of things to come - Battlestar Galactica ssn 1


my brother just sent me this.. interesting.

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Saturday, August 11th, 2007
10:44 am - book reports 02/27/07-08/09/07
02/27/07 BLOOD & CHOCOLATE -Annette Curtis Klause- fiction. fantasy. ya. werewolves. Werewolf girl likes human boy. Lots of teen angst, but it doesn't get whiney. Mature and well written. I hear the movie is nothing like the book.

03/15/07 THE END OF FAITH -Sam Harris- nonfiction. atheist. Great argument on why faith is bad for civilization, and how much better off we'd be without it. I applaud Harris for trying to tear down the taboo of questioning each other's beliefs based on faith, especially when they have effect on so many others.

03/17/07 YOU DON'T LOVE ME YET -Jonathan Lethem- fiction. art. relationships. comedy. Woman in rock band, with ex-boyfriend singer, works at a call center for complaints and becomes interested in one of the frequent callers. Not the best Lethem I've read, but it's charming, emotional, funny, and still has his amazing language style.

04/11/07 SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES *Audio* -Ray Bradbury- boys. coming of age. carnivals. evil. Two best friends versus an evil carnival. The prose is good but I wasn't that into the story. Maybe because it's such a classic I was expecting more. Or it could have been the narrator. This was my first whole book on tape.

04/22/07 LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS -Charline Harris- *reread* fiction. mystery. vampires. fantasy. Second book in the Southern vampire mysteries. Rereading for escape.

04/30/07 THE NEVERENDING STORY -Michael Ende- fantasy. heroes. The movie only covers the first half of the book. The movie was a childhood favorite and in some ways it was more effective than the book. The main character was more likeable and the movie seemed more emotional. Especially the Swamp of Sadness scene. The book is much more of a morality tale, and does stand well on it's own. Translated from German.

05/03/07 All TOGETHER DEAD -Charline Harris- fantasy. vampires. Southern Vampire Mysteries book 7. This time it's at a vampire convention. HBO has a show coming out this fall, TRUE BLOOD, based on the series. I'm excited.

06/09/07 THE SILVER KISS -Annette Curtis Klause- fiction. vampires. ya. This book was terrible. I really like this author's Blood & Chocolate, but this one is written a few years prior.

06/22/07 THE SELFISH GENE: 30TH ANNIVERSARY ED. -Richard Dawkins- nonfiction. biology. Altruism vs. selfish behavior. This book didn't knock me on my ass, and send me in a bout of depression, like it seems to have other readers. I already was pretty decided on that our seemingly alturistic behaviors stem from selfish unconsious motivations. And not in a cynical way. Just in a thats the way things are way; and it doesn't mean we can't treat each other "good". Seeing it from the gene level was very interesting. His examples and language are great for the non-biology trained person.

07/02/07 THE GOLDEN COMPASS -Philip Pullman- *reread* fantasy. daemons. dust. panzerbears. First book in His Dark Materials series. Just read it as soon as you can. There are deeper things here that I'd love to say but then I'd be giving the book away.

07/11/07 MASTER AND COMMANDER *audio* -Patrick O'Brien- historical fiction. tall ships. British navy. First book in the Capt. Aubrey series. The language is very 1800 and navy technical. The opinions and thoughts of the characters are also very 1800's. Fuck pirates. The British Navy is where it's at.

07/21/07 INTERWORLD -Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves- sci-fi. ya. alternate dimensions. A fun short interdimenstional novel where many different Joey Harkers fight the armies of magic and science. Some Joeys are female, half wolf, angel, bionic, ect.

07/24/07 HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS -J.K. Rowling- kids. fantasy. wizards. The last Harry Potter book. The large cast of characters is almost all here. It was a satisfying end, but some of the plot was a little hard to swallow, and seemed rushed.

08/09/07 ECLIPSE -Stephanie Meyer- fiction. ya. vampires. werewolves. relationships. Third book in the Twilight series. It looks like high school romance fluff, but it is very absorbing and well written. The characters have complex thoughts, emotions and problems. This may have been my least favorite of the three, but it's still way better than most of what's out there.

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Saturday, July 28th, 2007
2:21 pm - low light action digital camera
I'm in the market for a digital camera. I've never owned one and have hardly used one before. Also not very camera/computer savy, so it needs to be easy.

A lot of the reviews online are directed at the pros. Not looking for something to take especially artistic photos, but if it can do that too good for me. I'm looking to take personal snapshots at clubs or in low light.
I'd like something that can have figures show up without always using the flash all the time.

quick in taking the picture and changing the mode.
some anti-shake/blur feature
under $200.

Anyone have good experiences in a dark setting with a low priced camera?
Or can list the features I should be shopping for?

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
7:16 pm - April photo shoot.
All photos from the lovely and talented feelsuite. http://www.feelsuite.com/
She also did my hair and makeup.

more photosCollapse )

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